At Leavitt & Sons, we like our beverages, both adult and otherwise. This is a good thing, as we carry over 350 different wines, 35 non-alcoholic beverages and mixers, and a great selection of beer. "350 wines? Isn’t that a bit much?", you might ask. You may be right, but with almost 280 of these bottles priced under $15, we have the best selection of weekday wines in the region. That doesn't mean we don't also carry the good stuff; wines like Veuve Cliquot, Rombauer, and some great Amarones also adorn our shelves (and cellar). We've tried just about all of them, so be sure to ask us for any suggestions you may need.

We also carry select beers, and tons of non-acoholic beverages. Need cocktail fixins'? Stop next door at Rite Aid to pick up your spirits. Then walk over to Leavitt & Sons for the rest of the party treats.


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