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At Leavitt & Sons, we love food. We love talking about food, inviting customers to taste new items, something from our garden, or the fresh entrée our chef just prepared. We help time-pressed people get their dinner on the table; and get you in and out quickly with cheese, meats, and wines too.

As for me, I'm a food guy. Not necessarily a "foodie", although I understand and appreciate esoteric, high-quality and interesting stuff to eat. But at the core, I just love working with food.

My first job at the age of 15 was in a restaurant that featured about 35 combination sandwiches. Very quickly you learn that the pace of a commercial kitchen is unlike anything else. Through high school and college I continued working with in foodservice working my way through Trinity College as both a cook in the cafeteria, and also running our 'Social Club's" dinners (50 people, 5 nights a week!).

After college, I graduated to making beer for a living, and graduated from the Siebel Insitute for Brewing Science in Chicago with a Brewmaster Diploma. Working from California to Oregon to Colorado, and finally settling in Maine, life as a Brewmaster was a great journey, both metaphorically and literally.

I've tried working in other industries; believe me, even though semiconductors are called "chips", it is not like working with food. Those 3 years convinced me that I was meant to be a food guy.

Now, married to the best woman in the world, with 2 great sons, surrounded by food all day, this IS the Way Life Should Be (and it is!)

Stop in, take in the scene, and let's talk...if you have time.

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